About Us

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What we really do?

Newton Books was founded on the passion and love for great and bestselling books by the top minds in
business and finance, leadership, self-development and help, religion, biography and autobiography,
philosophy, psychology, and entrepreneurship categories by the founder. Unfortunately, access to such
good books was always a problem because of his geography. He was always on amazon searching.

He would visit gates notes to know his recommended books, he would visit the websites of all the known
best authors in all the categories mentioned earlier; the likes of Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, James C.
Collins, Tim Ferriss, Joel Osteen, James W. Goll, Malcolm Gladwell, T.D. Jakes, Joyce Meyer, Simon Sinek,
Gary Vaynerchuk, John C. Maxwell, Ken Blanchard to mention but a few to find out the books they
would be releasing or have released. When he finally solved that problem of not having access to the
books he would love to read, he decided to help the hundreds and thousands of people who have the
same problem and that was when NEWTON BOOKS was born.

Who we are

Newton Books LLC is a generational publishing, printing, and book distributor headquarters in Accra
Ghana, West Africa serving clients across Africa. Our flagship is Newton Books, the #1 retail and
wholesale of all categories of books in Ghana: Bestselling Business books, Bestselling Leadership and
Management books, Marriage and Relationship books, Biography and Autobiography books, Best
Entrepreneurship books, Bestselling self-help books, educational textbooks, Bestselling Inspirational and
Motivational books, Novels, Best Political Books, Christian Literature and Religious Books, Audiobooks
and eBooks both on our online bookstore and at our bricks and mortar bookshop.

Whether this is your first time buying books or whether you have bought books before from another
book retailer, we promise that you have arrived at the best online bookstore in Ghana and you should
get ready to be WOWED! Our catalog has hundreds of published book titles and we are still keeping at it
adding more titles on a daily bases.

Whether the books you are looking for are published by Whitaker House, Baker Books, Destiny Image,
Ghana Publishing Company Ltd, Smartline Publishers Ltd, Thomas Nelson, Penguin Random House,
Grace Springs Africa Publishers, Book Craft Africa, McGraw-Hill, Evans Publishers Limited, Harper Collins,
Frontiers Printing and Publishing Ltd, Simon & Schuster, FaithWords, Hachette, etc. you can be assured
that we offer the best wholesale and retail prices on the bestselling leadership books like The 7 Habits of
Highly Effective People and Start With Why, bestselling self-help books like How to Win Friends and
Influence People and The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, bestselling business books like The Lean Start-
up and Zero to One, bestselling financial literacy books like Your Money Or Your Life and MONEY Master
the Game.

Give us a try. Browse our online bookstore catalog or visit us today at any of our chain of bookshops
across Ghana, we guarantee you would get the books you love at the price you love, to read at your own pace, in your own place from the comfort of your home, you get all the books you see on Amazon in Ghana from Newtonbookshops.com.

Our philosophy

If Knowledge Is Power, Reading Is Your Superpower!

This simple philosophy has set us on a course to eradicate illiteracy in every form by saving books and
making them accessible for individuals who are willing to make meaning with their lives through the
power of information by reading, which intends shape their minds, share them a story, give them a bit
of wisdom. Also, initiate literacy programs that make the individual whole. It is said that "If you are not
in the know, you can't be in the flow" and we believe that you cannot be in the flow if you are not in the
known and you cannot be in the know if you do not read whether by watching a video program,
listening to a podcast or any audio program or by reading a book.

Who we serve

We are the go-to Bookshop of companies, organizations, and individuals when they need brand-new
copies of bestselling and popular books in bulk at wholesale prices. You can order from our website at
any time and our book experts’ team is on standby to help you in the purchasing process.

Newton Books is proud to supply books in bulk and service to:

• Educational Institutions
We supply schools and educational institutions with the bestselling and the most popular books at their

• Private Businesses, Public Corporations & Government
Companies, Governments and business organizations whether global or local use books for special
giveaways, corporate gifts and team motivation and that is where we come in handy. Our wholesale
prices for bulk purchases give you unbeatable deals.
From global to local, companies need books! Use them for team motivation, special giveaways, and even
corporate gifts.

• Churches & Religious Organizations
Many churches use devotionals, religious fiction, and self-help books to empower and nourish their
members’ spiritual life and we cater for that.

• Keynote Speakers
We do the heavy lifting by making books available at your events on time whiles allowing you to
concentrate on your core objective of delivering a presentation.

The three most challenging phases in the life of an author especially new authors are 1. Struggle in
getting published. 2. Struggle in marketing their book. 3. Struggle in selling their story. Newton Books
imprint ‘the parchment’ take care of that for authors.

Our price

Book enthusiasts want to be informed, inspired, instructed, enriched, educated- a critical asset to
improving one’s life, entertained-an occasional escape to fantastic worlds inhabited by interesting
characters, and above all empowered- the number one factor to becoming. With a wide variety and
diverse tastes, there is one thing we all love and that is good bargains. Newton Books offers its clients
fantastic prices for its books in new condition.

Our why

Giving readers and book enthusiasts access to great books in Africa.

Our goal

Is to Inform to Transform.